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schoppel.pngWe are driven by our fascination for the creative possibilities of knitting. The passionate knitter is always at the focus of our product development. The yarn should be a conveyor of ideas and our benchmark is the success of the pieces created with it.

Color is the language of the unconscious mind. It is like an endless source, from which new combinations and possibilities can be created. We see the yarn as a carrier of color and form. As elementary components, randomness
and calculation are playfully integrated into the development process. Color becomes the central focus and a source of inspiration. We are proud that our yarns are being met with approval by designers and textile creatives all around the world.

Our awareness that the world is ours to share influences everything we do. Sustainability is a matter very close to our hearts. And this starts with us developing our products in a very conservative way. We see our suppliers as partners. Fast-changing product assortments are of no use to anyone. Our organic merino items have been
certified with the GOTS eco-label. This GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) seal of approval has very strict requirements and criteria along the entire production chain. It stipulates that the sheep may not be raised on factory farms using mass production
methods. Instead they should cultivate areas of land that are no longer used for agricultural purposes, such as in Patagonia and also on the Swabian Jura mountain range in Germany, where the climate is harsh and inhospitable. This means that the animals enjoy a life in harmony with nature. The mulesing treatment is not known in these areas and therefore not used. Reason enough for us to only use wool from these regions.

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