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Green Elephant are an independent yarn dyeing company producing luxury high quality hand dyed yarn for knitting, crochet and other crafts - let your imagination run wild! They are based in Waterford in the South East of Ireland.

"I fell in love with yarn when I started to crochet after my first daughter was born in late 2013. I quickly became very passionate about all things yarn and this is what led to starting Green Elephant Yarn. I am a stay at home mum to my two girls and run the business around this. I still crochet but spend most of my time dyeing yarn and knitting".

About The Yarn

The yarn used the most is superwash merino wool which is imported from Argentina and Uruguay via a mill in the UK. It is ethically sourced and mulesing free. It arrives spun and undyed and is then dyed into a range of colours. Also used are various merino blends; the most popular of which is sw merino and nylon which is perfect for knitting socks.

Elephant Yarns uses (non-toxic/safe) acid dyes with acetic acid + heat to set them. They are then gently and thoroughly rinsed to ensure minimal colour bleeding on washing later.

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