About Us


Our story started in November 1991 when Joan Lucey opened a small book shop in Macroom, County Cork. Although it was  thriving, Joan decided after a while that she needed a new challenge. When she heard that the building on Bridge Street in Cork City was up for sale, Joan took a chance and opened with 1800 square feet of retail space. About six years after opening, and following a few extensions, there was 5000 square feet of space available in the shop.

Vibes and Scribes soon carved a niche for itself as it did not directly compete with the big chain shops. Instead, Joan focused on supplying her customers with good quality bargain books and she also dealt in second hand books.

bridge-street.pngAs the support for Vibes and Scribes on Bridge Street grew, Joan was prompted to open another shop on Lavitts Quay, also in Cork City. She decided to try out some arts and crafts supplies to complement the books.

Due to the success of the arts and crafts side of the business, Joan then expanded into fabric, wool, yarn, haberdashery and upholstery supplies. These areas have been very well supported as many people are getting back into making and repairing clothing and household items themselves.

In 2011 Vibes and Scribes received the ‘small to medium business of the year’ award from the Cork Business Association and we were also shortlisted for the Bord Gais Irish Bookshop of the Year awards. In 2015, Vibes and Scribes received the Cork Retailer of the Year award from the Cork Chamber of Commerce.

Vibes and Scribes, at 3 Bridge Street, Cork, is now one of the largest retailers for craft supplies, art supplies, wool, fabric, haberdashery, and upholstery supplies in Ireland. Located in the heart of Cork City, Vibes and Scribes is one of a kind in Ireland as it focuses not just on one type of craft supply but encompasses the wide range of DIY possibilities. Vibes and Scribes also offers an online shop that features items from the massive collection available in store, shipped both locally and internationally. Across the shop and online, Vibes and Scribes’ prices are competitively low and the variety available is extensive.

The fabric section not only features every type of textile but also feathers, hat bases, lace, appliques, buttons, and many more supplies for millinery, fashion design, and upholstery. Vibes and Scribes is also well stocked with all the supplies needed for sewing and quilting projects.


Vibes and Scribes is the largest retailer of Irish wools in Ireland. Vibes and Scribes sells a variety of 100% Irish wools spun in places like Donegal, Kerry, and Killarney; additionally, Vibes and Scribes offers wool and yarn from sources right here in Cork, Ireland. Vibes and Scribes sells yarns and wool spun across the globe; from Germany to Italy, Uruguay to Japan (and all here in Ireland!), Vibes and Scribes supplies yarn for interests in both the traditional and non-traditional sides of knitting and crochet.

Vibes and Scribes’ art and craft supply section offers a broad range of art supplies. Jewellery making, card making, decoupaging, scrapbooking, painting, drawing, and many more crafting pursuits all have a home here.

Vibes and Scribes is involved heavily in the crafting and knitting community, hosting weekly knitting and crochet groups as well as a wide variety of free demonstrations in sundry types of crafting, sewing, and knitting. Vibes and Scribes has also held several in-house knits for charity, providing yarn for the projects to benefit several organisations in Ireland and the UK.

In February 2015, Vibes & Scribes was awarded Retailer of the Year at the Cork Chamber of Commerce Awards.