Posca Paint Markers

€3.25 - €9.99
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Posca Paint Markers

€3.25 - €9.99

Very rich in pigments, POSCA paint markers provide results of incomparable density. Its unique water-based formulation delivers bright, matte, opaque …

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Posca Paint Markers

€3.25 - €9.99

Posca Paint Markers

€3.25 - €9.99
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Very rich in pigments, POSCA paint markers provide results of incomparable density. Its unique water-based formulation delivers bright, matte, opaque colours that withstand the passage of time. POSCA markers can draw on any surface from glass to shoes making them the perfect choice for personalistion!

Layerable, mixable, water-soluble, weather-resistant… The POSCA range includes no fewer than eight sizes and five different tip shapes. Made either of acrylic or plastic, they are all ultra-hardwearing and perfectly suited to their respective uses. The very high quality of the materials used guarantees a stroke that is always perfectly smooth. The line is regular, the action is unique and the pleasure of creating with POSCA is unparalleled.

PC - 1MR: The precise and calibrated tip of the PC-1MR produces refined lines.

With its extra-fine calibrated tip ringed in metal, the PC-1MR has all the qualities of a paint marker – in the form of a pen! Designed for amateurs and professionals looking for an ultra-fine, dense line, it offers a rich palette of colour effects.

PC - 1MC: The very fine tip of the PC-1MC is ideal for small-format creations.

The PC-1MC is the ideal POSCA for small-format creations with its small size and its extra-fine bullet tip. It is appreciated by adults and children, from beginners to the most experienced, who use it for precise colouring.

PC - 3M: The universal bullet tip of the PC-3M adapts to all types of creation.

The fine-point POSCA PC-3M is the quintessential creative tool used by connoisseurs. With a precise, assured stroke, it can customise, create, decorate and mark anything that inspires you.

PC - 5M: The PC-5M's versatile bullet tip offers unlimited freedom of use. It adapts to all types of creation.

The medium tip of the PC-5M is the most versatile in the POSCA range. Providing a clear, precise line and beautiful colour, it is appreciated by both professionals and amateurs.

PC - 7M: Latest addition to the POSCA range, the PC-7M has a very handy broad bullet tip.

The PC-7M is appreciated by both amateurs and professionals for its broad bullet tip enabling both precise colouring and large-scale precision work. It is the natural complement to the PC-8K.

PC - 8K: The broad chisel tip of the PC-8K is perfect for tracing curves and covering large areas.

With its broad chisel tip, the PC-8K can not only draw clear curves with a graphic calligraphy effect; it can also colour wide areas. Available in a huge range of colours, it is ideal for flat colours, markings of all kinds and of course street art creations and lettering.

PC - 17K: The rectangular XXL tip of the PC-17K is ideal for flat colours and backgrounds.

The PC-17K extra-wide tip is the expert in the POSCA range. With its XXL size, it is the best friend of artists and professionals producing large-scale works.
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