Make Crepe Paper Daffodils - Step by Step Guide

Posted by Ciara on 8th Mar 2023

Make Crepe Paper Daffodils - Step by Step Guide

Easter is a good time to be creative and decorate. Here you find ideas for homemade Easter decorations! Make crepe paper daffodils and add further details in the centre of the flower using watercolour markers. Why not make a bouquet consisting of several different crepe paper flowers! Shop the products - download the template or instructions and follow our step-by-step guide below.


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Step 1.

Print the template which is available as a PDF file for this idea. Cut out all the parts for the daffodil. Remember to cut according to the stretch direction shown on each template. Cut two leaves and a 1 x 25 cm strip of green crepe paper for covering the floral stem wire.

Step 2.

Start by cutting off one end of five stamens. Attach the five stamens onto one end of a floral stem wire.

Step 3.

Use the glue gun for gluing the centre of the daffodil. Glue one side of the crepe paper square against the opposite side, forming a tube.

Step 4.

Squeeze one end of the tube around one end of the floral stem wire, ensuring that the stamens are inside the tube. Make sure that the crepe paper is gathered around the floral stem wire.

Step 5.

Shape the tube into a bell-shaped flower middle. Stretch the crepe paper at the bottom with a forefinger inside the tube and a thumb on the outside of the tube. Lightly bend the top edge of the tube all the way around whilst stretching the crepe paper as you go along, making wrinkles.

Step 6.

Round each petal with a bone folder by pulling the petal between the bone folder and your thumb; the same technique as curling a ribbon with scissors.

Step 7.

Shape the petal by stretching the middle of it, so that it becomes round. Repeat this procedure with all the petals.

Step 8.

Attach the first petal onto the floral stem wire with a blob of glue from the glue gun. Attach another three petals in a staggered fashion.

Step 9.

Attach another three petals between the first three petals.

Step 10.

Stretch out the long thin piece of green crepe paper.

Step 11.

Fasten one end of the crepe paper onto the bottom part of the petals on the daffodil, hiding the bottom part of the petals.

Step 12.

Cover the floral stem wire by wrapping the crepe paper at an angle around the floral stem wire, securing with Multi Glue as you go along.

Step 13.

Attach the daffodil's green leaves onto the floral stem wire using a glue gun. Place the two leaves approx. 5 and 10 cm from the other end of the floral stem wire. Continue covering the floral stem wire, hiding the ends of the leaves. Finish the covering of the floral stem wire once you have reached the end. Tear off the excess crepe paper strip. Secure with a blob of glue.

Step 14.

Add details onto the daffodil with watercolour markers to give it a bit of life. Paint onto the edge of the daffodil petals as shown in the photo.

Step 15.

Spread the colour by using a wet brush.

Step 16.

Make a small spring bouquet by putting the daffodils together with crepe paper tulips.


Print the template here.