Make Crepe Paper Tulips - Step by Step Guide

Posted by Ciara on 8th Mar 2023

Make Crepe Paper Tulips - Step by Step Guide

Easter is a good time to be creative and decorate and here you'll find ideas for homemade Easter decorations. Make your own bouquet of tulips and flower stalks from crepe paper. Why not make a bouquet consisting of several different crepe paper flowers! Shop the products - download the template or insructions and follow our step-by-step guide below.


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Step 1.

Print and cut out the template available as a PDF file at the bottom. Cut out all the parts for the flower. Remember to follow the stretch direction shown on the template. Cut a 1 x 20 cm piece of green crepe paper for covering the florist stem wire.

Step 2.

Twist the piece of yellow crepe paper forming the middle of the tulip. Twist the pins for the stamen one by one as shown on the white piece of crepe paper in the photo.

Step 3.

Attach the yellow piece of crepe paper (the tulip's middle) onto one end of the florist stem wire; attach one end onto the florist stem wire and then the other end, so that the twisted middle section is situated on top of the florist stem wire.

Step 4.

Attach the section with the stamen around the bottom part of the glued-on yellow crepe paper using a glue gun at a low temperature.

Step 5.

Round each petal with a bone folder by pulling the petal between the bone folder and your thumb; the same technique as curling a ribbon with scissors.

Step 6.

Shape the petal by stretching the middle of it, so that it becomes round. Repeat this procedure with all the petals.

Step 7.

Twist one end of the petals to make them narrow and pointed.

Step 8.

Attach the petals onto the lower part of the stamen. Attach four petals staggered around the stamen.

Step 9.

Attach another four petals between the first four petals. Attach the remaining four petals in the same fashion.

Step 10.

Stretch out the long thin piece of green crepe paper for covering the florist stem wire. Fasten one end onto the bottom part of the leaves. Cover the floral stem wire by wrapping the crepe paper at an angle around the floral stem wire, securing with Hi-Tack Glue as you go along.

Step 11.

Secure the leaves with a glue gun whilst continuing covering the floral stem wire with the green crepe paper, hiding the ends of the leaves.


Print the template here.